Director, Producer, Voice & Performance Coach

I have never met a creative mentor quite like Mitch. Besides his utter professionalism and great talent, he has a spirit and a joyousness about him which brings out the very best in his clients. I would always choose Mitch over anybody.

-Geoff Baker – Sir Paul McCartney’s PR Manager for 15 years

The voice is a powerful tool.

I would say it is your most powerful tool.

When you speak, or sing, we can hear your thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears.

You can turn people on to your message or, if you don’t get the tone right, then turn them completely off.

I have been fascinated with the voice for over 30 years and have trained singers, actors, businessmen and women, comedians, voice-over artists, politicians, and speech makers of all kinds to help them get the best from their voice.

It’s about quality, understanding, breathing, focus, telling the story … The list is endless but I guarantee the journey is such fun! You don’t have to be ‘posh’ or ‘educated’ to be engaging and my method encompasses people of all ages and from all walks of life. You may want to present yourself more clearly at an interview, make the most memorable best man speech, sing karaoke at your birthday, speak clearly to 1,000 delegates at a conference, or perform a great audition for drama school.

The key to your voice is understanding where it comes from and when you’ve mastered that you will gain more confidence and the world will be your oyster. Please browse the site to get a taste of what I offer. From individuals to large companies and organisations, I can offer you a solution for your voice, production or performance. I have kept the site simple as I know everyone has unique needs and may want a more complex package. Just get in touch and we will work together to make a package suitable for you.

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